100 Day Dream Home Construction

by | Aug 4, 2022

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I have often mentioned that home construction is a long and hard process. One needs to do a lot of right things and make a lot of right decisions in order to get the output that is close to what one imagines or that we often dream of!

To get your home construction right, we at Limpid Construction always recommend spending more time during the planning stage, i.e., try to know very well what is the outcome you want.

Questions that you should ask yourself as a future home owner are:

  1. How or what you are expecting from every bedroom, bathroom, living room, etc.
  2. What are the room sizes you want in the different rooms? And, to come to the numbers refer to the place that you are currently living in. Is it sufficient, or do you need them to be more spacious? Do you need a dressing in the bedrooms or without them is fine. Does the drawing & dining room need a partition or is a common room ok? What is the ceiling height you need?
    1. In case you cannot think of a range of questions, then of course it is suggested that you talk to our design experts at Limpid Construction.
  3. Now comes the other pertinent questions such as how many rooms or bathrooms you want to have, how many kitchens do you need, do you need a kitchen on every floor?
  4. Open spaces, parking in and around the house. Do you require a lot of open spaces? Will our plot size allow for leaving many open spaces and cater to the construction requirement as well?
  5. Finishes- Do you need tiles or natural stones or artificial stones in your home? Cost varies a lot & hence, making these decisions before the start of the project saves time.
  6. Doors and windows- Wooden/ UPVC/something else. Again, the price varies a lot and hence, thinking ahead helps.

I have mentioned many points to consider during planning, but it is also good to seek professional guidance & help to validate your assumptions, that is where Limpid Construction can add value to your project.

Many customers ask me how long will it take to build their home? Well, the answer that I often give to them is that it depends- based on the approvals, size of construction, material that is supposed to be used, finishes, etc. But, it is safe to assume that Limpid Construction is a 100 Dream home construction company i.e., we possess the potential to handover your dream home in just 100 days time. A home with just the ground floor of <2000 sq.ft. size can be handed over in 100 days along with all finishes.

What do we need from you to build a home in 100 days?

  • Preparation on the above-mentioned pointers. If you are clear in your mind what you are looking for then our overall job becomes a little less difficult.
  • Consulting all stakeholders before we start construction works on the project.
    • Construction by its very nature is permanent. There can never be any changes that can be made once something has been constructed. Well, technically it can be changed but there will be rework. A lot of it!
    • A lot of decisions made for our homes need inputs from multiple stakeholders. So, it is of great importance that you involve all stakeholders during the planning phase.
  • Trust on the Home construction company- You need to trust the intentions of the company who is building your home. To establish that trust, it is recommended that you visit their project sites, read about their reviews from clients. But, make sure that once you offer an agency your home construction work then have trust in them completely to do the right things.
  • Approvals of materials that are going to be used on the project- fast! The finishes such as tiles- wall & floor, paint shades, bathroom fixtures, etc. should be approved by the client immediately.
  • Weather- All seasons apart from the rainy season works well in construction. Hence, the weather should be clear to work uninterruptedly.

So, it is safe to assume that your dream home can be constructed in just 100 days, but not to forget during the planning stage that we need to invest in it thoroughly before the start of the project to be successful in our goal!


Author- Sarbojit Dutta

Civil Constructions, Home Interiors & Renovations!

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