Terms and Conditions

Drawing Design

  • Drawings supplied by us, are to give the client a visual representation of the project and to assist with the visualization of a new project. We will do our best to confine the design to the customers’ dimensions, however, we take no responsibility for final measurements. These may not in exceptional circumstances represent the final drawings of the project.
  • Contractors, professionals such as architects, engineers, suppliers, and trades-people who are not a part of Limpid Construction Consulting LLP’s (Limpid) team must never use these drawings as they are the intellectual property of Limpid.
  • It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that the drawings conform to existing services (electrical, plumbing, fire fighting, gas, etc.) of the plot or building or any other building regulations.
  • If in doubt the client should seek the advice of a third-party professional.

Project Pricing

  • All estimates/quotations are valid for 15 days from the date of quote.
  • A deposit of 20% advance of the total project value will freeze the quotation and protect against any price increase.
  • We reserve the right to make any price changes to orders unless a deposit has been paid.
  • Deposits are non-refundable should the customer change their mind.
  • Deposits will be forfeited after 90 days and this might be extended at the sole discretion of Limpid.

Instructions and Modifications

  • Due to the risk of error or miscommunication, any changes to specification or sizes, or features, or any other specific instructions relating to your project will only be accepted in writing (email or texts on POC’s WhatsApp number) but only prior to finalization of drawing/design and the contract.

Payment Terms

  • Unless otherwise stated GST or any taxes whatsoever are not included in our quotes/estimates.
  • 100% payment is required before cabinets, furniture units, installation and/or accessories, or any items pertaining to interiors can be picked up, delivered, or provided.
  • Items will not be considered to be ordered and no stock will be set aside until full payment or a 20% deposit has been received for the order.
  • If you are paying by internet banking or cheque – you will need to allow sufficient time for the funds to be cleared before your order is accepted and processed.
  • Ownership of goods will transfer to the client once final payment has been received.
  • In case of payment through bank loan disbursal, it is the sole obligation of the customer to coordinate with the bank for timely disbursements to avoid any delay in the project.
  • These payment terms are strictly enforced so please make sure you are fully in agreement with them prior to placing your order.

Project Delivery

  • The time period for the project delivery will be finalized at the start of the project but can/will be honored if there is timely payment by the customer as per the agreed payment schedule.
  • These timelines may get altered under exceptional conditions such as but not limited to the pandemic, flood, drought, severe rainfall, earthquake, major festivals, etc. Under such circumstances, the amounts paid by the customer shall not be refunded.
  • No extra cost will be charged for material delivery.


  • We offer only a one-time free home consultation, in order to keep our prices competitive. The initial price estimate is done based on the customer plan or project layout, if the initial price estimate is within your budget, we then offer a free consultation at our office for further discussions and narrowing down the requirements, and offer a final quote.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to check all items supplied before the project execution. Our liability will be for the replacement of faulty items only.
  • It is the responsibility of the customer to accompany Limpid’s POC during the purchase of materials such as tiles, plumbing fixtures, CP fittings, etc. The customer is only bound to choose from the range which Limpid’s POC suggests. In case any product is chosen by the customer which is of a higher price than as considered in the estimate, then the difference amount has to be paid by the customer.
  • No design changes mentioned verbally while executing the project will be entertained as this leads to a lot of rework and cost escalation. Even if design changes are intimated to Limpid in writing, the sole discretion of the work being able to be done rests with Limpid.
  • The customer shall not provide instructions directly to Limpid’s contractors, subcontractors, vendors. This leads to a lot of miscommunication and eventual price escalation and inferior workmanship and hence will not be considered.

Defect Liability Period

  • We provide a no-questions-asked defect liability period of 18 months because we stand by our work.
  • This shall be limited to only the workmanship defects and the replacement of faulty or defective fixtures/ fitting/ etc. For fittings and fixtures, we use branded products, and hence the return or exchange of such products will be governed by the brand’s own terms and conditions. We request you refer to the individual company’s returns or exchange policy page for further details.
  • Our DLP policy does not cover “change of mind”, so we request you to be absolutely sure about the fixtures, fittings, tiles, etc. which you choose, because once installed, we will not entertain any return/exchange requests.

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