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Construction is an arduous process, as it is not just the pouring of concrete and brickwork. Several tiny details are crucial in construction and thus planning for a dream home can be taxing when you don’t have an in-depth idea about the cost of building a home in Indore. We are trying to give you an idea of the cost of construction in Indore and about the overall factors that you need to consider while estimating the cost of a house. For this, we have conducted extensive surveys across various townships such as Omaxe City, Silicon City, Treasure town, Silver Springs, Wildflower, Oasis Countywalk, Vistara City, DLF Garden Park city, Singapore lifestyle, Casa Greens, and many more. Across all these townships Dream homes are built by Indoris every day.

Once the actual cost of construction and factors involved are understood/decoded, limpid also talks about how you can reduce the cost of construction of your house in an upcoming blog.

Cost of House Construction in Indore 2020

The cost of house construction in Indore of good quality typically starts from approx. Rs. 1251/- per sqft. That means a house of 1000 sqft area will cost 12,51,000/- to construct. This cost may vary depending on the location, Built-up area, and finishing materials you choose. Now let’s see what adds up to the cost of construction:

  1. Design /Layout: The first step towards the construction of your house is preparing a floor plan based on the size of your plot. Other than a basic floor plan, architects and engineers also specialize in providing you with elevation drawing, 3D layout and also the structural drawings. The fees of the architect or engineer largely depend on the size of the plot and type of services provided.
  2. Structure Cost: The civil work includes the cost of raw materials like cement, steel, sand, aggregate, shuttering material, and the cost of labor like mistri, mason, carpenter, electrician, etc. The quantity of material and the man-hours of labor depend largely on the design of the structure and the Built-up area to be constructed.
  3. Finishing Cost: The unit rate of finishing works usually depends upon the specifications you choose. For example, when you plan the flooring works of your house, there are a variety of materials available in the market and the rates for each of these types vary.
    1. Vitrified tiles: Rs.30 to Rs.180 and above
    2. Granite: Rs.80 to Rs.600 and above
    3. Italian Marble: Rs.300 to Rs.3000 and above

Also, the similar can be said for bathroom fixtures, where again a large variety of material and accessories are available which also significantly vary in rates that to coming from the same brands.

We know it might be hard for you to understand what these types/brands of materials that are used in construction. So, to further simplify them for you we have created house construction packages.

Package @ Rs.1251 per sft

  1. Foundation – All footings up to 8ft depth.
  2. Plinth – Plinth Ht. up to 1.5ft from the road level.
  3. Structure
    1. RCC Frame Structure with 8mm, 10mm, 12mm TMT steel (Brand – Moira, 24K Gold or equivalent) as per design drawings.
    2. 8mm TMT Stirrups
    3. Clear Floor Height will be 10ft.
    4. Floor Slab 4” thick and Plinth Slab 3” thick
    5. Grade of Concrete – Slab & Beam in M15 and Column in M20 (Cement brand – JK, ultratech, mycem, Birla, shree ultra or equivalent)
  4. Brickwork & Plaster
    1. 4”/8” wall thickness as per design drawings
    2. First Class Bhatta Bricks or AAC Blocks as per design (Bricks in Limpid approved local brands)
    3. 1:6 cement mortar ratio or premix cement mortar (for AAC Blocks)
    4. 1:4 cement sand plaster or premix plaster as per design
  5. Water Tank
    1. Underground Water tank of 4,000 litres
    2. Overhead water tank of 1,000 litres (HDPE tank in triple layer)
  6. Flooring (Tiling) Works
    1. Living and dining flooring in vitrified tiles of value up to Rs.35 per sft
    2. Bedroom and kitchen flooring in vitrified tiles of value up to Rs.35 per sft
    3. Glazed tiles up to 7ft ht. in all bathrooms
    4. Kitchen platform with granite top (up to Rs.100) and Glazed tiles up to 2ft ht. above kitchen platform
    5. Balcony and Open Areas flooring – Anti-skid tiles of value up to Rs.35 per sft
    6. Staircase flooring – Granite of value up to Rs.100 per sft
    7. Parking tiles – Anti-skid tiles of value up to Rs.30 per sft
    8. Skirting will be 4”
    9. In-case of granite marble flooring inside the unit, additional charges over Rs.35 per sft to be paid by client and labor charges for polishing to be borne by the client.
  7. Doors and Windows
    1. Flush Door with both side laminated mica as per design drawings
    2. Bathroom Door – Water and termite-proof PVC door of size as per design drawings (Brand – Sintex, Kaka)
    3. Three Track powder coated aluminium window with mosquito net
    4. Gate of M.S. as per design up to 100 kg
    5. M.S. Grill in windows as per design (max. up to 15kg)
    6. Ventilators with aluminium louvers and mosquito net.
  8. C.P. Fittings, Sanitaryware & Plumbing
    1. All Faucets and fixtures of ISI Grade with Brand Jaquar Essco or equivalent.
    2. Fittings and sanitaryware up to Rs.30,000 per 1000sft of construction.
    3. cPVC, uPVC, and SWR Pipes of standard ISI Grade.
  9. Electrical Works
    1. ISI Grade wires with concealed pipe casing (Brand – Polycab or equivalent)
    2. Modular switches and sockets (Brand – Western Vega or equivalent)
    3. One point for A.C. point in the master bedroom.
    4. Geyser point in all toilets and kitchen
    5. Inverter line as per drawings
  10. Painting Works
    1. Putty + Primer + Plastic paint 2 coat on internal surface (Brand – Asian, Berger, Dulux or equivalent)
    2. White cement + Weather shield/ textured paint for the external surface
    3. Red oxide coating and oil paint in the main gate
  11. Terrace finish – Cement finish churi mix with waterproofing chemical.
  12. Ironmongery Works
    1. AL drop, chitakni in internal doors
    2. Main door with lock + handle combination up to Rs.1000 per pc.
  13. General Works
    1. Staircase Hand Rail of SS
    2. Parapet wall up to 3.5ft ht. on the terrace
    3. Balcony handrail as per design drawing
    4. Chamber cover by Kota stone
  14. General Standard Items
    1. Good quality Coarse Aggregate of 20mm, 40mm, etc (as approved by limpid)
    2. Good quality river sand or M-sand (as approved by limpid)

We have tried to talk about all the significant factors that can primarily affect the house construction cost. Developing your dream building is the liability of the professionals, but it is always a good idea to have an estimation. It is advisable that one appoints a good contracting team who is experienced and qualified and also licensed to actually carry out the construction as per your requirements. Limpid Construction offers such service to its clients.


Author – Sagar Sohani

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