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The New Year’s Eve is about Lights, Fireworks, Good Food, Company of your Loved Ones and a Great Place to celebrate it. So, let’s find out the Top 3 places in the world to celebrate New Year’s Eve and Top Architectural/ Engineering Facts about them.

1. The Burj Khalifa, Dubai- LED Facade

We all know about the Tall and Magnificent Burj Khalifa. It is not just the Tallest structure in the world measuring about 828 metres, it also holds records for the following:

  • The highest number of floors in the world
  • The highest outdoor observation deck in the world
  • Elevator with the longest travel distance in the world

The Burj Khalifa is illuminated on every New Year’s Eve and other notable occasions with lights and fireworks. The most amazing fact about the Burj Khalifa is that one side of its facade (facing Burj Lake in Downtown Dubai) is mounted with the world’s largest LED Facade(Screen).

#AmazingFacts about the LED Facade:

  • Over 110 km of access ropes were used by the workers for the installation of the facade
  • Over 72 km of cabling and over 10,000 connectors were used for the installation
  • Over 1.2 million ˜pixels” the number of LED lights are placed on the facade
  • 828m ” tower’s height, which is essentially the height of the screen’ and it covers an area of 33,000 sqm.
  • 33km ” length of the LED strips put together. Any fault in any LED is instantly communicated to the control system so that it can be taken care of.
  • 790 kilowatts the amount of energy the LED lights can use if on full power, per hour.
  • This LED screen on the Burj Khalifa holds the Guinness World Record of being the largest and the highest in the whole world.

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2. The Eiffel Tower, Paris- The Eiffel Tower Illuminations

Paris is arguably the most romantic place in the world, and a proposal (a romantic proposal, of course!) under the Eiffel Tower is one of the most romantic gestures anyone can ever think of.

Paris, though basking in its beauty is largely made even more beautiful by the Eiffel Tower and its illuminations. This New Year’s Eve, people will gather in numbers near the Eiffel Tower to welcome the new decade. So, let’s run through some amazing facts about The Eiffel Tower Illuminations:

  • Eiffel Tower is adorned with its golden covering and sparkles for 5 minutes every hour on the hour, while its beacon shines over Paris. This was unveiled on the 31st December 1985, invented by Pierre Bideau, an electrician and lighting engineer, and it consists of 336 projectors equipped with high-pressure, yellow-orange sodium lamps.
  • The projectors are turned on in under 10 minutes. This is activated upon nightfall by the sensors.
  • The Beacon and Sparkles– On 31 December 1999 at the approach of midnight, the entire world discovered the Beacon and the Tower’s sparkling lights.
    • The Beacon sent out two light beams with a reach of 80 kilometers, and since their rotation sweep is 90°, they are synchronized to form a double beam in a cross that pivots around 360°.
    • The light beams are made of xenon 6000-watt lamps and are cooled to prevent overheating and a heating system is activated when the temperatures drop below 0° C whilst the lights are off.
    • 20,000 light bulbs (5,000 per side) make up the sparkling lights. They are superimposed over the golden lighting which brings the monument to life for 5 minutes every hour.

#AmazingFacts: Installing the 20,000 light bulbs is an impressive engineering feat in itself, It took:

  • 25 mountain climbers 5 months for the installation
  • 40 kilometers of strings of light and electrical cords
  • 40,000 joints and 80,000 various metallic parts weighing 60 tons
  • 230 enclosed lighting fixtures and electrical boxes
  • 10,000 m⊃2; of safety nets
  • 120 kilowatts of power

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3. The Times Square, New York- The Dropping Ball

At Midnight on December 31, the famous New Year’s Eve Ball descends atop One Times Square and an estimated one million people in Times Square, millions nationwide and over a billion watching throughout the world are united in bidding a collective farewell to the departing year and expressing joy and hope for the year ahead.

So, why is the New Year’s Eve Ball so beautiful, and what makes it so special, let’s have a look!

The Design of The New Year’s Eve Ball: It is the Architecture and Design of the Ball which makes it so beautiful and special.

#AmazingFacts about the New Year’s Eve Ball:

  • The Ball is a geodesic sphere, 12 feet in diameter, and weighs 5387 kgs.
  • The Ball is covered with a total of 2,688 Waterford Crystal triangles that vary in size, and range in length from 4 ¾ inches to 5 ¾ inches per side.
  • For Times Square 2020, 192 Waterford Crystal triangles introduce the new Gift of Goodwill design of three pineapples signifying the traditional image of hospitality and goodwill. 192 are the Gift of Harmony design of small rosette cuts flowing into each other in beautiful harmony. 192 are the Gift of Serenity design of butterflies flying peacefully above a crystal meadow capturing the spirit of serenity. 192 are the Gift of Kindness design consisting of a circle of rosettes symbolizing unity with the fronds reaching out in an expression of kindness. 192 are the Gift Of Wonder design composed by a faceted starburst inspiring our sense of wonder. 192 are the Gift of Fortitude design of diamond cuts on either side of a crystal pillar to represent the inner attributes of resolve, courage, and spirit necessary to triumph over adversity. The remaining 1,728 triangles are the Gift of Imagination design with a series of intricate wedge cuts that are mirrored reflections of each other inspiring our imagination.
  • The 2,688 Waterford Crystal triangles are bolted to 672 LED modules which are attached to the aluminum frame of the Ball.
  • The Ball is illuminated by 32,256 LEDs (light-emitting diodes). Each LED module contains 48 LEDs – 12 red, 12 blue, 12 green, and 12 white for a total of 8,064 of each color.
  • The Ball is capable of displaying a palette of more than 16 million vibrant colors and billions of patterns that creates a spectacular kaleidoscope effect atop One Times Square.

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