USP Of A Construction Company In 2022

by | Jul 25, 2022

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The journey of getting your home built is long, hard, and requires patience- lots of it. The challenges that keep coming up while construction are:

  1. Conceptualizing detailed & efficient floor plans with proper space utilization
  2. Getting plans approved from urban local bodies/ panchayats
  3. Working on the detailed drawings incl. structural , electrical, plumbing
  4. Getting the following done- Borewell drilling & installation of pump, onboarding various contractors, commissioning temporary power, building storage area, chaukidar hut, labor toilet, etc.
  5. Starting construction works incl. choosing vendors & materials, coordinating supply of various materials for on site delivery.
  6. Supervision of various works being executed on site in terms of quality & also efficiency- i.e., if multiple activities can be done together.
  7. Coordination with multiple contractors working on site.
  8. Also, liaising with local authority parties.

At Limpid Construction, we take care of all the above challenges and beyond! Limpid Construction provides all services under one roof!

We pay special attention to the needs, the preferences, and the budget of the clients not just while making the conceptual plans but also during the entire project cycle. We offer clients the flexibility to choose & select construction materials to be used during construction. Our secret to success lies in our knack to understand client requirements. The requirements are not just in terms of design but also material, project specifications, timeline, and budget. Our effective project management expertise allows us to balance all the above components to deliver a picture-perfect home to our clients.
We carry out any and all types of residential construction work either from the ground up or even to add any number of floors in an existing structure. Skilled architects and designers from our team also assist the client with the aesthetics, and the built. Our team brings along with them rich construction experiences and expertise of working with big names of construction such as Hindustan Construction Company, Shapoorji Pallonji in both Indian as well as overseas projects.

As a part of any construction project, we adopt the following steps:

  1. Gather client requirements
  2. Work on draft plan
  3. Plan approval from client
  4. Estimation & budgeting & timeline estimation
  5. Finalization
  6. Payment of advance from client
  7. Start of works on site

So, what is our Limpid Construction USP as a construction company?

  1. Fixed project budget– Customized project budget for your requirements. NO hidden charges. Flexible payment structure as per schedule. NO escalations.
  2. Project timeline– Assured project handover date. No slippages. No excuses.
  3. Quality– Project specifications are honored. If an agreed product is not available during actual construction, we will offer a higher-priced product as replacement.
  4. Warranty– We stand by what we build. And to support that, we provide an industry-best 18 months warranty.
  5. Floor plans by qualified Architects/ Engineers- All and every plan made is by a qualified architect or an engineer who has years of experience in their trade.
  6. Engineer Supervision- Project sites are supervised by Engineers who check the drawings & execute the works on site basis of the approved drawings. Every steel or concrete placed at site is supervised.
  7. Attractive rates- We provide very attractive & competitive rates for our services.


Author- Sarbojit Dutta 
Civil Constructions, Home Interiors & Renovations!
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