Vastu Shastra – Plants for Vastu Compliant home

by | Aug 16, 2020

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An outdoor garden or an indoor plant can significantly alter your mood while also ensuring health and prosperity. Therefore, plants have a unique position in Vastu shastra. Plants help detoxify the environment by absorbing carbon dioxide. Hence, Vastu Shastra recommends that the plants in your home need to be chosen with the utmost care and should be placed in the right direction to ensure they channel positivity and well-being to the residents hosting them.

Now, to understand the placement of plants in your house or design of your garden space, we need to know the directions and which element of nature do they signify:

  1. The South West quadrant represents Puthvi – Earth Element,
  2. The North East is the home of Jal – Water Element,
  3. The North West represents Vayu – Air Element,
  4. The South East is Agni – Fire Element, and
  5. The fifth element, Akasha, is the central space in the house – Space Element.

Vastu recognizes these five elements of creation that, when honored, enhance the flow of prana, universal life-force energy, within a building. To maximize the flow of positive energy in your home, these five elements should always be in harmony. Try to choose plants that will enhance the energy in each part of your home, keeping these elements in mind.

  • The outdoor lawn should be located in the North or East. You can also plan a water body in the North East quadrant. Any flow of water should be from the North-East direction toward the South West. Lotus plant is associated with Lakshmi Ji and hence is linked with financial growth and can be planted in this small pond of water in the North-east. Small shrubs or kitchen garden can be placed in this quadrant.
  • Tall trees like Peepal, Mango, Jamun should be planted most preferably in the South-west quadrant, and in such a way, they should not block the evening sunlight from entering into the house. Avoid trees that attract snakes, worms, owls, and honey bees as they will bring bad luck to your family. The entrance to your home, regardless of the direction, should not be dominated by tall trees that block the flow of energy.
  • The Tulsi plant or holy basil is considered to remove any traces of negativity. It has powerful spiritual energy and can be planted in the East or North-East. Tulsi should not be planted outside the boundary of your house and make sure that the plant never dries out, as that is supposed to be bad luck.
  • Thorny succulents like the cactus and plants with white discharge must be avoided at all costs. They represent a life that is filled with hardships. But not rose as it gives beautiful flowers which spread fragrance and have other medicinal values.
  • All flowering plants, especially sweet-smelling ones like Jasmine, refresh the air and bring in good luck. While the best energy is obtained from potted plants, fresh-cut flowers in a vase can also clear the vibes of rooms that have energy deficits. Ensure that the petals are not drying out, as the energy can quickly turn negative! For a prospering relationship, you should plant a jasmine or lavender plant in your bedroom.
  • Bamboo should ideally be located in the East or South East for the most excellent benefits. And can also be placed in the living room for flow of positive energy and good luck.
  • Growing money plants in the South-East direction is suggested to bring wealth and abundance to your family. Money plants are also known to improve the indoor air quality and remove pollutants from the air. A money plant can be placed near Ganesh Ji at the entrance of your home; this setup is said to amplify the effects of money plant.
  • Aloe vera is a plant that has been lauded for its healing and medicinal qualities. The juice of the plant is said to work wonders in curing burns, soothing inflamed skin, and even curing digestive ailments. Aloe vera also cleans the environment around and can be placed in the balcony of your home. These properties are enhanced if the plant is situated in the North or East of your home.
  • The neem tree should be planted in the North West of your garden in such a way that the air passing through the branches flows into the window.
  • Lemons are not only good for health, but the citrus plant refreshes the air, making it clean and aromatic. It guides good luck and generates happy vibes.
  • Do not plant trees in the center of the house. These will obstruct the energy flow.

However, all this comes with certain conditions, and you should take good care of the plants in your home to make sure that the energy stays positive. Dried, brown leaves and poorly nourished plants will surely have the opposite effect!

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