What Does A Residential Construction Company Do?

by | Jul 3, 2022

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During many calls with prospective customers, I am often probed about what our role is in construction projects? Or, a few customers directly ask me why they should award their residential project to us? Well, this is quite a straightforward question and the answer is the following.

i) We service customers from before the start of construction to handover & beyond.

  • We make conceptual plans- helping customers put their requirements in the form of drawings- 2D, 3D, elevations, etc. We are suggestive & as well as active listeners- we do not rush to finalize the plans. The planning stage deserves time and we put in both our time and energy so that there are no unplanned scenarios later.
  • We get approved the most efficient municipal plans- Let’s face it, there are deviations in what we plan and what we get actually constructed in any residential project. This leads to certain compounding fees that customers ought to pay to the municipality to receive completion/occupancy certificates. We are mindful of this and thus approve plans that will cost us the least compounding fees in the future.
  • Electrical, plumbing drawings- Often ignored or rather postponed, electrical & plumbing drawings should be done at the start of any project and we insist on the same. With the help of Limpid Construction, customers make informed decisions about their light, fans, AC, heat point requirements & additionally the building plumbing layout incl and not limited to provision for rainwater harvesting, borewell location, drainage, & sewage line.
  • Ok enough about planning. Although the above points are relevant and important, they are not tangible at the start of any discussions. These above-mentioned points seem irrelevant. So what are some of the tangible benefits?
  • Limpid Construction saves customers 500+ hours of coordination with multiple cross-functional teams-. Civil contractor, plumber, electrician, painter, carpenter, & the list goes on. Managing all these contractors need adequate project management skills, strong follow-up, right connections, & the list is endless.
  • We plan, inform, & empower you to make over 50+ critical decisions pertaining to the home that you wish to get built. These decisions influence outcomes in terms of the overall quality of construction and the cost of the project. What should be the mixing ratio during concreting of beams, slabs, etc.? Should slab & beam construction be open or after construction of walls, etc.?
  • We help you save 200+ trips to the market to purchase small or big items needed during construction works. Once Limpid takes up the project, we will procure every nail, brick, & cement bag required in the project.
  • Fixed project budget– Customized project budget for your requirements. NO hidden charges. Flexible payment structure as per schedule.
  • Project timelineAssured project handover date. No slippages. No excuses.
  • Quality– Project specifications are honored. If an agreed product is not available during actual construction, we will offer a higher-priced product as a replacement.
  • Warranty– We stand by what we build. And to support that, we provide an industry-best 18 months warranty.

ii) How are we different from traditional contractors?

  • Contractors typically lack ownership & accountability of work. But, at Limpid Construction, we choose & onboard contractors who fulfill our 50-point quality criteria & checks. We map contractors on their past performance & resource availability & quality of output. Only when we are satisfied that we deploy them on the construction project site.
  • Knowledge of material– Contractors lack adequate knowledge of materials and they are rarely updated with the new working methods. Whereas, at Limpid Construction, we are a network of Engineers and Architects and are updated with the latest style & method of construction. We implement these learnings on projects to make.
  • There is no one to supervise their work when they handle the project independently.

iii) How are we different from Architects?

  • Architects are skilled and professionally trained to make beautiful drawings & designs but they often do not participate actively during the construction process.
  • Although they have the adequate subject knowledge, their true skills lie in the creative aspects of designing.
  • While Architects have a lookout for design, civil engineers look into the construction aspect of a project.
  • At Limpid Construction, we have a team of qualified architects & civil engineers to cater to both the designing & construction aspects. Additionally, we engage skilled & experienced contractors on our project sites thus offering well-rounded turnkey services, all under one roof.


Author- Sarbojit Dutta

Civil Constructions, Home Interiors & Renovations!

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