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The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and the same is true for building your Dream Home. Hiring the right contractor or the right construction company is the first step in the right direction of building your beautiful home.

Unlike the common perception, construction is a complex project (it is much more than just a task, it is the combination of a lot of big and small activities that needs to be executed accurately) and it needs the right people who can Plan, Execute, and Deliver this complex project, seamlessly. You must remember that constructing your dream home needs the time and effort of people who genuinely care and are willing to take ownership of the work they do.

So, here are the top reasons why you should hire a Professional Contractor to build your Dream Home.

Qualified Architect or Engineer

A Professional Contractor will have a dedicated Qualified Architect or Engineer who is experienced in drafting beautiful floor plans, elevation plans, and structural drawings for your dream home. Architects and Engineers who regularly work on drafting home plans also know the local municipality guidelines and building bye-laws. They even possess knowledge about Vastu and how different rooms can be arranged to spread positive energy in your home. They even add value by suggesting multiple beautiful and structurally sound designs that can lead to space optimization and enhance the look and feel of your home. Do keep in mind that all of this will be in the planning stage but you will see the results once the construction starts or during handover.

Fixed Budget and All Services Under One Roof

After the plan has been finalized, the next step is to finalize the budget. This is often where things get confusing, especially for people who are doing this for the first time (which is usually for most people since people build homes just once or maybe twice in their whole life). In the case of petty contractors, they either over-quote and you are left to take quotes from at least 3-4 contractors before finalizing one. Or, they under quote to get the work and then start adding costs in the middle of the project so that you are not left with any option. There is also the problem of hiring separate contractors for Civil, Electrical, Plumbing, Tiling, Painting, False ceiling, Modular kitchen works, and so on. So, interviewing 3-4 contractors for each job gives you a massive no. of at least interviewing 20 contractors to get your dream home project started. And, even if you manage to find the right set of contractors, it is a tough task indeed to get them to work in harmony.
Here, a professional contractor adds value by having workers of all trade under them, so you are relieved of the duty of selecting separate contractors for each activity. Once they have been hired, all the workers work together in harmony to get you close to your dream home. Also, the budget of the project is agreed upon before starting the works on the project and a contract agreement is drafted with a detailed quotation with an activity-wise breakdown. A professional contractor even takes care of the procurement of materials and eliminates the need for you to visit the market, even once. Material brands are agreed upon during the contract finalization and the same is taken care of.

So, even if a professional contractor costs you a bit more, it is always the wiser option since it will save you not just time and effort but also make your home look and feel like the one you have always dreamt of.

Material and Quality of Work

A professional contractor works with branded materials and can offer those branded materials at a lower price to their clients since they procure these materials regularly for their ongoing projects and hence the same is available to them at a lower price.

Of course, the use of subpar materials by petty contractors often leads to subpar quality of work. This can be seen in projects where there are complaints of seepage, termite eating away furniture, cracks in walls, etc.

In case you are responsible for procuring materials for construction, it is a big hassle since you need to run around the market looking for the best materials, getting the best rates, transporting materials to the site, etc. This adds considerably to the cost and the quality of the project.

Along with the usage of branded and A-grade materials, Professional Contractors engage qualified Engineers and experienced supervisors for the supervision of work on site. This leads to a better quality of work and subsequent peace of mind.

Accountability and ownership of work

Professional contractors stand by their work by giving a warranty. Repairs are done in case there is an issue- no questions asked. Limpid Construction gives its customers a comprehensive warranty of 18 months. In the case of petty contractors, there is no concept of service warranty. It is either take it or leave it. If any repair work needs to be done, it is charged extra, and getting the contractor to work is another big task.

Avail easy Home loans and other Central Government schemes

Banks and other financial institutions process home loans much more easily when works are executed by professional contractors. Detailed estimates and Bill of quantities are provided which expedites the process of loan approvals.

Availing Central Government schemes such as Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna becomes easier because the estimates are accurate and detailed and there is no scope of rate escalation mid-way into the project. This ensures that the loan availed is of the exact amount and that the work does not get stalled due to cost overrun.

We, at Limpid Construction, take care of all the above-mentioned processes seamlessly and hand over to our clients their Dream Home. Why choose us to build your Dream Home?

Limpid Construction Experience Typical Experience
Price No Hidden Cost or No surprises during construction. Probable additional costs during construction execution.
Convenience Planning, Procuring, Executing, Contractor coordination, Quality control, Engineer supervision.
All services under one roof.
At least 6-7 different contractors
No or very little coordination
Procure materials by yourself
Approx 75 market trips to procure material or hire contractors.
Timelines Agreed Assured Delivery Date during Agreement. Time overruns, delays, no communications on delays
Design Design and Planning support
No support
Quality Work supervision by Qualified Engineers
Use of Branded materials
No Quality checks
Use of Inferior materials
Warranty Comprehensive 18 months warranty- No questions asked No warranty on work done


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Author- Sarbojit Dutta

Civil Constructions, Home Interiors & Renovations!

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